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51 Steps To Freedom®

 "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”
- Jimi Hendrix

51 Steps to Freedom is the Washington DC based non-profit (501c3) organization that is championing the creation of the first of its kind historical immersion trail that advances understanding, unity and healing in our nation. We inspire, educate, and tell the stories of the hidden figures and places in our nation’s capital that are the foundation of America’s continuing journey toward freedom and equality. 

51 Steps to Freedom Trail is the Nations’ foremost destination to celebrate freedom and equality. Located in Washington DC it reveals the history and stories of different cultures and advocates whose voices, accomplishments, and legacies have shaped — and continue to shape — America’s struggle for freedom and equality. 


We have reached a seminal moment in our history. There is palpable discord in our country. Now more than ever, and with greater reason, our country needs to be united as one. 51 Steps provides an experience that educates, inspires and encourages understanding.  

"I believe there is only one race — the human race." ~ Mrs. Rosa Parks


We honor our past.
We aim to transform our future by promoting, educating, and inspiring understanding. 

We believe in equality and freedom for all.


We share stories of the people and events that shape our Nation’s struggle for equality. 
Appreciating the full spectrum of American history provid
es the path for tomorrow.


We see a world where history, art, technology, and storytelling come together
to inspire unity, build national pride, and embrace diversity.  

Take this trail to unravel the mystery of why DC is the hub of African American history and culture and will redefine America as a beacon of freedom, justice, equality and democracy.



"Our young people need
to know their history"

     ~ Mayor Muriel Bowser

         Honorary Co-Chair, 51 Steps to Freedom

As Our Nation’s Capital, DC has always been the place for people to come together and exercise our first amendment rights in peaceful and meaningful ways. From the Women’s Suffrage Procession on March 3, 1913 to the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August, 1963 to The Million Man March October 16, 1995 — to today — our city's streets have paved the way for change, understanding, and healing.  Now more than ever our country and our city needs to be united as one.

  • Drives much needed revenue to the city

  • Supports our hard hit hospitality and tourism sectors

  • Capitalizes on the current trend toward authentic local outdoor experiences

  • Boosts DC's morale and pride, encouraging it's citizens to stay, move back & thrive

  • Offers a new way to experience DC’s rich — and little known history & culture — outside the confines of a traditional museum  

  • Provides an immersive experience for students to gain understanding of their history — and each other.

  • Encourages economic empowerment for local artists to have their voices seen in a unique, impactful way

  • Transforms underserved parts of the city into vivid representations of local identity 

  • Ties our rich history and culture together in a meaningful way for DC students, residents and visitors alike

  • Gets people off the mall — drives foot traffic &
    revenue to less traveled neighborhoods in the city

  • Capitalizes on the social movement for equality bringing visitors back to our Nation's Capital

  • Galvanizes DC's reputation as the epicenter of change for The Nation

  • Gives rich immersive educational opportunities for all who visit​

  • Creates safer communities by generating strong bonds among neighbors

  • Highlights important social, political, historical and environmental topics

National Impact & Local Benefits 

Promotes reconciliation and healing through experiential education — and the innovative use of technology — to teach and shape culture, while building community.


On August 28, 1963, about a quarter-million people participated in the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom gathering near the Lincoln Memorial.


Photo Courtesy of The Library of Congress.


On August 28, 2020, thousands participated in the March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. to support the Black Lives Matter movement


Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Black Lives Matter Plaza has become a beacon of hope.

It is critical to build on that momentum with this new public trail.



The Boston Model (started in 1951)

The Boston Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile-long path through downtown Boston, Massachusetts, that passes by 16 locations showcasing Boston’s pivotal role in the birth of America’s independence. Marked largely with brick, it winds between Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. Each neighborhood has a different red line marking the trail to highlight the personality of each neighborhood: 

The Boston Freedom Trail has become a world-renowned, signature tourist experience attracting over

four million people annually to visit Boston’s precious 17th-, 18th- , and 19th-century sites.

Drives Tourism

  • Routinely listed as “Top Ten Things To Do In Boston”.

  • 22 million people visit Boston each year, more than four million people take “the walk” each year

  • Red line through the city markets the tour & generates interest


Drives Revenue

  • Generates over $1 billion in annual spending 

  • Creates jobs in hospitality, tourism, and education fields



"This unique citywide trail will provide an experience for our citizens and visitors to gain a better understanding of our history — and each other."
                               ~ Honorary Co-Chair, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton 


Phase 1 - $3.8M 

  • Write book (completed)

  • Create the stories (completed)

  • Produce interactive map (completed)

  • Build mobile app (completed)

  • Develop audio tou

  • Create augmented reality experiences with music integration

  • Design public facing website

  • License digital assets

  • Mobile App Downloads

  • In-App Geo Location Ads​

  • Audio Tour Downloads

  • Website Ads

  • Licensing

  • Freedom Trail On-Line Store

  • Book 

  • Corporate Sponsorships

  • Virtual &  Distant Learning Programs

  • Donations


Digital Passports & Audio Tour

Will be available for a fee to generate revenue

Sustainability Revenue Streams

Founding Organizations

Phase 2

  • Produce audio tour

  • Digital art program

  • Art installations

  • Create local & national marketing campaigns

  • "Yellow Brick Road" paint or bricks

Phase 3 

  • Virtual & distant learning programs

  • Educational in-school programs

Founding Partners

51 Steps To Freedom is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Your tax-deductible donation funds their programs. No goods or services were provided for this gift. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions.

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