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Rosa Parks Beyond the Bus: Life, Lessons, and Leadership is an inspiring book about having faith in yourself to do the hard work to change hearts and minds —  and to have the courage to fight for the rights of all others: Black, White, religious, non-religious, men, women, and children.


Rosa Parks Beyond the Bus is a rare look into Mrs. Parks’ life, her thoughts, her beliefs, and her immense wisdom that moved people — from diverse moral leaders Nelson Mandela, Deepak Chopra, Malcolm X, and Pope John Paul II  to the smallest of children — to seek and revere her presence.


This book explores many of the things Mrs. Parks did that history books don’t teach. It is a collection of personal stories compiled from the decade that Mrs. Parks lived and traveled with the author.


During those years, Leonards was able to feel the heart and soul of the woman who became “The Mother of The Civil Rights Movement” and the Grandmother of The Women’s Movement. In the book the author shares her remembrances, both delightful and somber, in a way that offers readers an intimate glimpse into the personhood of Mrs. Parks.


Mrs. Parks is much more than someone who refused to get up from her bus seat. She was a survivor and the ultimate influencer of generations to come. She believed the laws can change but if you don’t change people’s hearts nothing changes. She believed Love is all that matters.


“I want this book to touch people’s soul because

that is what Mrs. Parks did for me.

This book is about not just an extraordinary revered figure in history,

but about her soul and heart -- and the lessons of leadership she taught me.”

- H.H. Leonards

Rosa Parks Beyond The Bus by H.H. Leonards

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